Satin Print

This Acid-Free premium quality paper is slightly textured and maintains a luster surface.

12"x18"         $55.00             12"x24"        $50.00               15"x45"          $115.00

​16"x24"        $85.00             16"x32"        $85.00               20"x60"         $200.00 

​20"x30"       $150.00            20"x40"       $135.00              30"x90"         $445.00   

​24"x36"       $200.00           24"x48"        $190.00

​30"x45"       $250.00           30"x60"        $300.00

​32"x48"       $275.00   

​40"x60"       $315.00

Metal Print


The white base infused print illustrates a traditional print appearance adding a depth and richness of color.  This is a remarkably modern presentation playing up the unique, boldness of metal with a super gloss finish.  A protective, acid-free black coating is applied to the back of the infused metal and is completed with a black 1/2” recessed backing with concealed French cleat hanger to give it a floating effect when mounted on the wall.

12"x18"         $185.00             12"x24"        $290.00                 15"x45"         $525.00

​16"x24"        $380.00             16"x32"        $460.00               20"x60"          $750.00 

​20"x30"       $465.00             20"x40"       $600.00               30"x90"         $1500.00   

​24"x36"       $600.00             24"x48"        $785.00

​30"x45"       $850.00             30"x60"      $1095.00

​32"x48"       $950.00   

​40"x60"       $1100.00

Canvas Print

Canvas prints are mounted on acid-free, rigid and lightweight substrate and finished with a hollow backing and wire hanger.  Each print is protected with an acid free, fine art protective coating to give it moisture resistance and UV protection.

12"x18"         $100.00              12"x24"        $125.00                 15"x45"         $225.00

​16"x24"        $150.00              16"x32"        $200.00               20"x60"         $345.00 

​20"x30"       $200.00             20"x40"       $260.00               30"x90"         $780.00   

​24"x36"       $260.00             24"x48"        $345.00

​30"x45"       $385.00             30"x60"        $510.00

​32"x48"       $425.00   

​40"x60"       $585.00


Specialty items are available as well (acrylic, plaq, ect.)

To order a print, please write down the Image #, print medium and size. 

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