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Jeff Stoddart

What has two thumbs and loves to wake up at 3:00 am in the back of a 4runner?

This Guy!  That's right.  I'd rather be sleeping in my 4runner or camped out under the stars in remote locations than spend the night in a cozy hotel room.  

Why?  It's simple really.  In order to capture nature at its grandest moments you need to get out in the elements and take what ever mother nature throws at you.   From dry, hot weather in the summer desert to icy, snow, cold in the winter mountains, I truly enjoy being in nature.


I grew up participating in the Boy Scouts of America and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout at 17.  My family was big into camping and we enjoyed many weekends in the mountains.  I always have and always will have a special connection with nature.

So why photography?   Well that comes from wanting to share what I experience with others.  Attempting to capture the that exact moment when I go "WOW!  This was totally worth it"  and share that with people all over the world.  Photography began as a hobby and eventually turned into something more.  I wanted to share the love of the outdoors with more than just family and friends.  

So here I am.  Out wandering around on this crazy blue marble spinning through space with my camera in tow, putting myself in crazy situations, with crazy weather to bring you the best of what mother nature has. Rain, Snow, Sleet, Heat, Wind.... It doesn't matter.  You never know what is going to happen and if you aren't there to capture it, you'll never know what the result could be. 


So...... if you don't go..... you won't know!  


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